mountainMade popular in the 80s, mountain bikes gave us the freedom to experience off-road adventures. At Ace, we don’t stock the rugged downhill rigs but we do offer the Sport Mountain bike and Comfort Mountain bike for the recreational trail riders in your family.

Sport Mountain
The sport mountain bikes are designed for the casual rider looking to enjoy urban rides and off road trails. Enjoy your journey in the UBC woods, along the Richmond dyke or the demonstration forest on the North Shore. Made of lightweight aluminum frames, with front suspension forks and reliable Shimano drive trains, these bikes are durable and capable. Designed with a frame geometry gives you a comfortable and stable riding position.

Comfort Mountain
This category brings a new level of comfort and control to the rider. This style of mountain bike features a lightweight aluminum frame, suspension fork, 26-inch wheels. Versatile, mixed tread tires offer control on a variety of surfaces. The ergonomic handlebars, suspension seatpost, and plush sprung saddle provide the ultimate amenities for your comfortable and fun ride. A cool feature with these bikes is you can sit upright and touch the ground with your forefoot when needed, while maintaining proper saddle height for pedaling.