Lights & Safety

serfasA majority of fatal and serious injuries bike accidents take place in urban areas, and many city cyclists are on the look-out for new ways to improve their chances.

If you’re riding at night you absolutely must use both a front white light and rear red light. Set your rear light on flashing mode to make you even more noticeable.

There are many choices for bike lights. If being seen is your goal, you can pick a pair up for around $25. If you want a front light bright enough to see the road and potholes in the evening, we carry ones with a high lumens, higher the lumen the brighter the light.  As an added bonus,they are USB re-chargeable, too.

Don’t stop at just lights though. Wearing highly visible jackets, using bright reflective pannier covers and installing tires with reflective material on the side-walls increase your chances of getting noticed.

If you find that you’re riding in a lot of traffic and not comfortable turning to look over your shoulder, a mirror is a great accessory. It’s still important to do a final shoulder check before you turn, like you would when driving. Most commonly mirrors are fitted on the end of your handle-bars. They can also be fitted to your helmet and even glasses. So, get on your bike at night and be safe out there.


  • Remove lights when your locking your bike up or someone may remove them for you.
  • It’s the law to have a front white light that can be seen a minimum of 150 meters and a red rear light that can be seen a minimum of 100 meters.
  • Cycle like you are invisible.