hybridLike the name implies, hybrids are a mixture of road bikes and mountain bikes. Depending on the design, you can choose either a hybrid that feels like a road bike with flat bars that hugs the road or a lighter comfier version of a mountain bike that’s great for multi-surface terrain. They all have a wide range of gears to tackle our local hills and great braking systems.

Performance Hybrid
Blend the speed of a road bike with the durability of a commuter bike and voila, you have the Performance Hybrid. It’s designed to balance an active pedaling position with more upright seating for better peripheral vision.

Are you a daily commuter? This ride will meet your needs to unleash your competitive side. Sleek and fast, this style of hybrid is ideal if you want a responsive ride with solid handing.


Comfort Hybrid
From cruising along the seawall, trips to your local grocer or yoga studio, the Comfort Hybrid is what you want if you prefer to enjoy the view and take it easy as you make your way around the city. You can go fast if you need to, but speed and efficiency give way to relaxing and stable ride with an upright riding position, plush tires and lightweight frame.

A comfortable, heads-up position means you can safely and easily see the sights. Multi-terrain tires allow you to explore whatever road, or path comes your way.