Bike repair

Whether you’re on the road every day and need some work done or your bike was in storage and you need it repaired or some parts replaced our service department can help you out. We see many bikes that were bought on craigslist that were “not so gently used” and we will give you sound advice regarding the decision of put the $100 or so dollars into refurbishing it. It’s so rewarding hearing customers say after pick up that their bike rides like new! Amazing what a new saddle and grips can do, as well.

flat tireTune-up
Here at Ace Cycles we offer just one Tune-up. From there we customize our service to fit your bikes needs. Most bikes start off requiring the same basic adjustments. The tires are low, the chain is a little rusty, the gears skip, some things need tightening and the brakes aren’t as effective as they use to be.

After that point, the work your bike needs varies greatly from one bike to the next. Rather than offer a “major” or “pro” tune-up, that will cover some services your bike needs and some that it doesn’t, we just select the additional service your bike need. Simple, eh?

drivetrainThe Tune-Up $68
Adjust and position brakes and brake lever
Adjust and position shift levers and derailleurs
Adjust Headset and Bottom Bracket
Tighten any bolts
Wipe down and lube bike
Inflate tires and check for drive train & chain wear
After service test ride
(Parts are extra)

Common service and fees
Flat tire $15
Wheel true $15+
Box bike $30+
Accessory installs $10+
Hourly rate $60

Service Guarantee
We stand by our work! All service comes with a 30 day guarantee. At Ace want to see you again to re-adjust anything that it’s quite right. It’s common for new cables and wheels to have a break-in period so we’ve got you covered for any tweaking your bike may need.

Free Assessment and Booking
We are happy to check over your bike and make suggestions to add to your safety and riding comfort. If your bike is still safe to ride, you can book an appointment and drop your bike off the day before or morning of your scheduled appointment. Call us at 604-738-9818