Locks & Security

lock #1Vancouver is a high bike-theft city and you need to lock your bike with the best locking system you can afford.

We suggest spending 10% to 15% of the value of your bike on your locking system. The tough U-type locks like Kryptonite are a good start. These medium to long size locks will keep your frame and both wheels secure. If travelling light is a priority to you, choose a mini Kryptonite Lock that can fit in your pocket. Make sure to replace your quick release wheel skewers with a keyed wheel skewer lock, as well. There are also locks for head-sets, saddles and seat posts. lock #2


    • Find something sturdy to lock your bike to. Make sure thieves can’t simply lift the bike over it and it’s solidly secured to the ground.
    • Lock your bike in the middle of a highly visible rack and not on the end where it’s easier to access.

Lock #3

  • Remember to keep track of the number on your locks keys so you can replace it if it’s lost.
  • Register your bike , with Project 529 the community-based bike registration and recovery service.It’s free digital bike registration, made simple.