Monthly Archives: March 2016

Spring is here and I’m changing gear

This lovely spring weather has got me thinking about what us “fair-weather” riders may need to do to make a smooth transition of getting back in the saddle again. The other day, I was planning to quickly grab my bike and enjoy a leisurely ride along the cherry blossoms lined-roads. I unearthed my bike and realized the tires were soft and the chain was in some need of lube. Hummm, not really the spontaneous moment I was hoping for. At least the pump and oil were handy and I was on my way fairly quickly, that is after I readjusted my helmet. Did my head really shrink that much?

Ride Ready Tips:

Tires– check that they are properly inflated and not too worn or cracking on the sides
Wheels– should be wobble free, easy to spin, and attached securely
Chain– probably needs lubrication
Brakes– should be squeezable, making contact and the pads shouldn’t be dried out or worn down
Bolts– rust-free and tight. If the bikes making noises or rattles you probable have something loose
Handle-bars– replace tape or grips if they are worn out, tattered or “gummy”

If you’re in any doubt about the safely of your bike, drop by the shop (we have parking in the back) and our mechanics will be happy to look it over and make any suggestions as to what you need to get your bike road ready. You may need to leave your stead with us for a full tune-up ($58) or some minor adjustments (starting at $10) just top up the air and lube the chain (free) and you and yours can be on your merry way to Bike The Blossoms.

Happy Riding, Jan