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TPI: 66
Weight: 590g
Usage: All Mountain / Hardpack

Medium compound for good rolling feel, aramid belted

Ideal for commuting and around town use

Price: $35.00


TPI: 66
Weight: 240-500g
Usage: Touring / Commuting
Standard in all around touring or commuting tire with added puncture resistance
Tourguard: Aramid fiber belt under the tread to improve puncture resistance
Tan sidewalls with Black Tread

Price: $45.00

Continental X King

TPI: 28 (x3) - 60 (x3)
Weight: 440-840g
Usage: XC / All Mountain

  • The X-King completely covers the gap between Race and Mountain King


  • Incredibly fast for a relatively aggressive pattern and is equally at home on hard as well as loose terrain


  • The shoulder lugs provide predictable,superglue hook under high speed cornering, while the symmetrical centre sections yield excellent straight-line climbing and braking surface

Price: $37.50

Continental Travel Contact

TPI: 60 (x3)
Weight: 690g
Usage: City / Trekking
Designed for the globetrotting cyclist.

A robust carcass with a high carrying

Indestructible puncture and sidewall

The Travel Contact is the ideal tire for touring all kinds of routes.
Reflex reflective sidewall for added safety from dusk to dawn.

Price: $60.00

Continental Town & Country

TPI: 28 (x3)

Weight: 650-730g

Usage: Urban / City

Police bike squadrons throughout the world use the Town & Country tire.
High mileage, puncture resistant, and last but not least, low rolling resistance.

Price: $47.50


TPI: 22 (x3)
Weight - 835g
Usage: City / Trekking
The Tour Ride offers everything a real all around tire needs with a tread suited for pathways to asphalt
Made with a high mileage compound and a breakdown protection belt, this tire is a trustworthy option for many carefree miles

Price: $35.00


TPI: 28 (x3)
Weight: 470g
Usage: Competition Cross Racing
The top choice for a pure cross tire
Diamond coated center section and coarse lugsin the shoulder
Max 85 PSI

Price: $42.50


TPI: 60 (x3)
Weight: 470-600g
Usage: City / Commuting

This high quality tire has proven to be the jack-of-all-trades amongst city and trekking
A uniform center tread/belt assembly ensures a smooth and speedy ride on the road with extreme puncture proof barriers.
Flexible shoulder lugs and fine sipes guarantee grip in curves and on loose surfaces.

Price: $50.00

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