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Happy New Year!

Posted on December 20, 2014


Get ready for the new year!

So it’s that time of year. That test of our commitment to a New Years resolution. Probably the most common resolution is related to getting healthy and losing weight. One of the most common reasons people don’t follow through on that resolution is time. Committing to a 1/2 hour or hour after work to attend some sort of workout regiment is a significant lifestyle change for anybody. One solution to this is to commute to and from work on a bicycle. In fact, if you live in or around Kitsilano and work in downtown Vancouver (or similar distance such as UBC) you can get to work faster then in a car during rush hour.


So lets look at some numbers for a Kitsilano resident commuting to downtown Vancouver:

Cost / Benefit By Car By Bus By Bike
Travel Time ~20min ~20-30min ~15-20min
Parking cost /mo $224 n/a n/a
Transit pass /mo n/a $91 n/a
Cost of a bike n/a n/a $450+ (one time)
Annual cost  $2,688* $1,092 $45 Tune-up
Calories /mo 0 0 6000
Pounds /yr 0 0 11 pounds

* Annual cost only covers average parking in downtown Vancouver. Additional costs such as gas and annual maintenance would drive the price up significantly.

Tune-up special ends Feb 1!

Basic Tune-up for $39  NOW $29

  • Adjust and position brakes and brake lever
  • Adjust and position shift levers and derailleurs
  • Wipe down bike
  • Lubricate drivetrain
  • Check for drivetrain wear
  • Minor wheel true
  • Inflate tires
  • Safety check
  • Test Ride


Stay a 100% dry with our 20% sale!!!

That equals 120% worth of goodness!

We’ve just brought in a large assortment of waterprooof jackets, pants, and boot covers to make your commute a dry one. 


All Mountain Bikes & Hybrids are 20% off

All Road Bikes are 25% off 


Catlike Helmets

Posted on July 24, 2014

We just received a shipment of Catlike helmets!!!


Mixino – $359.99

The new Mixino is the latest evolution of Catlike design philosophy. It is the first cycling helmet on incorporate Graphene nanofibers on its inner aramid skeleton. Thanks to the use of this revolutionary material we have created a super light and ventilated helmet.


Whisper – $259.99

Whisper is a helmet that broke all the rules of design when it was introduced and that continues captivating cyclists all over the world. This piece of art can boast of victories in the most important races in the world, including the Olympics, with gold medals in both Road and MTB XC in 2008, World Championships, like the one achieved by Thor Hushovd in 2010.


Kompact – $159.99

It doesn’t matter how the name of this myth evolves as seasons go by. The model that was named just as Kompact when it appeared, continues offering an attractive design. Kompact embodies the philosophy of the brand: compact, secure helmets with reduced volume. Many details have been improved during these years, but the essence of the helmet that was our top of the range stays the same.


Tako – $99.99

Tako is dedicated to the bicycle commuter. Tako is a helmet that combines comfort and style at an affordable price. It is sporty, yet functional with a compact design. Tako comes with a removable visor and can accommodate those riders needed a larger helmet.


Tour de France 2014

Posted on June 19, 2014

Comming July 5th!

Posted on April 24, 2014

A nice mention in the urban lifestyle publication

Tune-Up Time!

Posted on April 2, 2014

photo (2)

Our turnaround time for Tune-Ups is

2-3 days

Still only $29!!

photo (1)

Time to suit up for the winter weather!

Posted on October 9, 2013

We just received a shipment of winter apparel from Louis Garneau!

Everything from Jackets, Pants, Boot Covers, and Hat Covers are in stock.


Posted on August 28, 2013


After a summer of adventure together your bike is looking tired.


Bring her in for a tune up before you park her for the winter and beat the spring tune up rush!


Our tune ups are still only $29

Straight road, tired bike

School is right around the corner, just saying.

Posted on March 13, 2013



Time to get your bike ready

 Take advantage of our


Tune up!



Our Jersey made it into a video game.

Posted on October 18, 2012

Our friends at BillyGoat Entertainment have added our Jersey to their cycling game, CRC Pro-Cycling, for the iPhone & iPad.

Get the game on iTunes

Ace Jerseys Are Here!!!

Posted on October 11, 2012

 Get yours for only $99.00


Let us help you prepare for your daily commute before it’s too late!

Come down and get yourself geared up for fall commuting.

We have everything you need from helmets, fenders, racks,

and panniers to rain gear.